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If you want to choose a hostel when you travel to Isfahan, Beed Hostel, with no doubt, is the best hostel in Isfahan which has been stablished recently in 2019 in one of the oldest districts of Isfahan.



It is located in an old roofed small bazaar in Ali Gholi Agha neighborhood beside a historical public bath museum, a Zurkhaneh (old fashion gym) and a beautiful historical mosque. Staying in this hostel, you can enjoy a relaxing friendly atmosphere in a silent place, visit art workshops in the flanking bazaar, watch the ancient Persian sport in Zurkhaneh in the evening, visit the public bath museum and go to the mosque to see Islam in act by the local people.



The hostel has 6 private rooms and two 8-bed dormitories with air conditioners, free Wi-Fi in the lobby and breakfast. They also provide local food on request.

The staff will help you with their city tour and off-road tour offers and finding professional tour guides.

The distance between the hostel and historical monuments of Isfahan is about 4km and it is close to Metro, Taxi and Buss station.


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