Mount Atashgah or fire temple, the best point to have the view of the whole city; Isfahan

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Mount Atashgah or fire temple is located in the west of Isfahan, eight km from the city center.

When you travel to Isfahan, you will understand Isfahan is proud of its Safavid-period monuments, however, Mount Atashgah is one of the rare mysterious buildings which has remained from Sassanid era in Isfahan.



According to the historians Ibn Hoghal, Ibn Khordad and Mostofi, the ancient name of this monument is Mehrbin or Marbin fortress in the name of the village beside.

The complex has been built on the top of a hill which is 210m higher than the surrounding plain and 1610-1715m above sea level.

The foundations start from the middle of the hill reaching some rooms on the southern flank which are remains of a fortress and a circular edifice with eight windows on the very top which housed sacred fire.



The whole structure is made of 40*40*14 sun-dried bricks and clay-reed as mortar and facade coverage.

The first tentative identifications about the ruins was first made in 1937 by Andre Godard, a French archeologist.

In 1960, the architect Maxine Siroux mad the first drawings to be studied. Godard's identifications were confirmed by Claus Schippman in 1971.

In 2002 the archeologist Alireza Jafari Zand emphasized the religious role of the complex in his report and suggested that the construction dates back to Elamite period with reference to Radio Carbon dating. The IZMEO institute researches confirm this claim as well.

The historian Hamzeh Isfahani (10th century) wrote in his book:

Ardeshir Sassanid built three fire temple in the same day. First time in the sunrise in Mehrbin fortress and named it Ardeshir fire temple, The second one, Zarvan Ardeshir in Dark village in the north of Isfahan and the third one Mehr Ardeshir fire temple In Ardestan village 100Km from Isfahan on the north.



 The historian Ibn-e Khordad(9th century) says:

In Mehrbin village there is a citadel called Tahmouress in which there is a fire temple.

Beside visit the fortress and fire temple, it is exciting to see Isfahan from the top and do your daily exercise by climbing Mount Atashgah for 200m. 




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