Shaking Minarets or Menar Jonban, the trembling hands praying the Lord

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Although several theories has been suggested about Menar Jonban, the technique of building the structure is still a secret for scientists.



The minarets have been installed in Safavid era above the tomb of Baba Abdollah Karladani, a famous sophy or Dervish in Mongol period who died in 1317 A.D. the whole building includes an Ivan or portico, two shaking minarets on the top of the Ivan and two chambers behind. Baba Abdollah grave is inside one of the rooms which is made of white marble with some sentences of Quran carved on it. The other chamber is called Chelleh Khaneh which sophies stay inside for forty days with a very little amount of food like some almonds and pray for god during these days to purify their souls and bodies.



A spiral staircase with 17 steps leads people to the shaking minarets steps however in order to protect the building, nobody is allowed anymore to go up except the agent who shakes them every 1.5 hour.

The reason of visiting this monument is that when one of the minarets is shaken, the whole structure shakes.



Various theories have been proposed in this regard like the idea of Diapason or the idea of Resonance but non-of them has been proved and the structure is still mysterious for tourists who travel to Isfahan as well as the travelers in the past like Jane Dieulafoy and Jean Chardin, Andre Godard from France and Ibn Battuta, the famous Geographer from Morocco explained this building in their travelogues after visiting Isfahan. 




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