Isfahan Music Museum, an amazing collection of instruments and sounds

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Maybe the museums are boring for some people but nobody should miss this one while traveling to Isfahan, in which a professional band perform a 15 minutes traditional song for the visitors.


Isfahan Music Museum was opened in 2015 to showcase the diversity and the history of Iran reach traditional and folk music.

The museum exhibits around 300 music instruments from different parts of Iran collected by the museum owner Mehrdad Jeyhouni, a professional musician originally from Kermanshah, one of the Kurd regions of Iran, in which music is very popular.





Thanks to the audio system, listening to the songs and watching different instruments being played in performances is possible for visitors. Beside the visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a 15 minutes live music performance by the owner and his professional band who are always happy to greet the clients by playing for a few minutes in the music room (It is better to ask a guide to set an appointment for you because the live performance is usually depends on the performers presence).






 You can also buy Iranian instruments in the music shop or have a cup of coffee in its calm and relaxing café in the green courtyard.

It is better to visit this place before or after visiting Vank Church because both are located in Jolfa district.


                            music shop


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