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Kianpur hotel is a historical house dating back to 1789 from Qajar period in which kianpur family lived. After renovation it became a boutique hotel with an area of 463m2 and 6 suites. If you travel to Isfahan and choose this hotel you can find out why the Kianpour family made this beautiful house for themselves!



Like the other historical houses the rooms are around a beautiful courtyard with a pound in the middle. The doors and windows are wooden with colorful glasses. The walls and ceilings are decorated by paintings on plaster, stucco and mirror works. Kianpur Hotel has 6 suites with the capacity of 28 people. All of the rooms have refrigerator, TV, WC, bath and Wi-Fi. It is located very close to the main historical monuments of Isfahan. The distance to the most of the monuments is just 20 min by walk.



Although kianpour hotel is small, it has a very friendly atmosphere and if you want to feel home, choose this hotel!



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