10 reasons for traveling to Iran

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      1. Iran is a reasonable price destination

According to Forbes magazine, travel to Iran is one of the most reasonable trips in 2019. The exchange rate of Dollar and Euro makes your tour budget but comfortable and enjoyable.


       2. Iran is the paradise of food lovers

Thanks to diversity of people and tribes living in various climates and regions, Iran has a huge source of food ingredients and local recipes. Wherever you go and where ever you choose to eat, it is possible to try its own local food. The good news is that one of the most creative cities of food, Rasht, is located in the north of Iran beside Caspian Sea which is registered by UNESCO, as the creative city of food in 2015 because of more than 200 recipes.



3. Iran has 2530 Km of beach

To see the beautiful beaches of Iran you can travel to north to Caspian Sea with 680 Km beach or to the south to Persian Golf and Oman Sea with 1850 Km of beach.

Chamqaleh is one of the most beautiful beaches in the north of Iran. Sisangan is a forest in the northern coast line.

You can swim in Caspian Sea beside Anzali harbor with a sand sea bed.

If you travel to Iran from October 10th to April 5th you can enjoy the unique view of fishing in a special local way.

Hengam is one of the pretty islands in the south of Iran famous for watching Dolphins dancing and a species of Gazelles called Gazella Bennettii.

After passing 500 m by boat from Shibderaz village in Qeshm Island you will arrive to Hengam Island. Exactly in your arrival you will face a very cute small bazaar. The shops are made of palm leaves and the women wear their special clothes called Bandari.

If you want to find some silent and pristine parts of the beach do not wait to rent a car or motorcycle to turn around the island.

Hormoz Island is located in the most strategic part of the world which is called "Hormoz Strait"

But forget about politics and oil and enjoy the colorful and salty mountains of Hormoz where you will see more than 70 colors.

In this island local people paint with those mineral colors by putting the layers together in a bottle. Each year they make a pattern of a big carpet made of different colorful soils in the beach.

CHabahar harbor is the only Harbor in Iran connected to Indian Ocean via Oman Sea.

You will face a lot of unique attractions like shining of phytoplanktons at night on the beach, flying fish, mud volcanos, Beluch people and their culture similar to Pakistanis in the border of Iran.



 4.  Iran is a country with ancient civilization

According to archeologists one of the first civilizations in the world been found in Iran from 8000 years ago. Iran invites you to sink through your thoughts and dreams inside very ancient palaces, castles, fortresses and old cities. You will visit various architecture belong to different periods of the history changing with the climate like rock-made palaces, brick-made caravanserais, wooden houses, etc.

23 unique monuments have been registered by UNESCO as world heritages in Iran so far and some are in the attending list. Iran is a heaven for history and archeology lovers.



      5. Iran is a big source of food souvenirs

After traveling to Iran you will face with a large number of food souvenirs in each city or village. Somewhere pistachios smile to you, some where the perfume of Saffron makes you astonished. Somewhere else local sweets like Gaz or Baqlava makes your tongue sweet and this story will go on in each corner of Iran. Iran is a destination for greedy people.




      6.  Iran is the country of Art

You will be impressed by the variety of arts and handicrafts in Iran. In each corner you will find a kind of art or handicraft even in a small village .The artistic hands of these people give you a gift all around Iran.

hear the musical sound of old fabric weaving machines or hammering on the copper.

An old woman makes a basket with the palm leaves, a young girl is painting on a copper plate. A group of women are sitting in front of a loom to inject their love to a carpet and playing with the colors. 



      7.  Iran has a wonderful nature

Despite the fact that Iran is located in 25°-40° latitude in the northern hemisphere on the dry belt but you can also find high mountains , waterfalls and forests in this area .

You will be surprised when you are passing the mountains with the snow on the top and from the top you see the hottest point of the world in 2009 just in 50 Km distance.

The diversity of different regions and climates in Iran will strongly impress you.



      8. Iran has intelligent ancient architecture and engineering system

Variety of clever architecture in Iran make everybody surprised at the first point .The clever underground hydraulic system of Qanats, water basins, ice storages, caravanserais, palaces, fortresses , bridges , roofed bazaars , public bathes , mosques , windmills , water mills , animal mills , hand mills  and wind catchers.



      9.  Iran has the most warm-blooded and hospitable people in the world

All around the world you can find warm-blooded people but judge Iranian people after traveling to Iran. Iran is a place you never feel alone, everybody is ready help you and invite you to their home for having a meal together. Because hospitality is the base of Persian culture. Iranians are worried about the dark news about Iran and they try to do their best to help the foreigners.




      10. Iran is one of the safest countries in the world

Unlike the dark news producing by politicians and media, according to the tourists and travelers, Iran is the safest country in the middle-east and maybe the world. You will find Iran very safe if you travel alone or with a group in the middle of the day or midnight .In the center or in the borders.







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